Arbitrator Profiles

IAReporter has developed Arbitrator Profiles for each of the most active arbitrators in the field of investor-state arbitration. Each profile offers:

  • a list of all known cases where that arbitrator has sat, including otherwise-confidential matters that are uncovered by IAReporter investigations
  • details on who appointed the arbitrator in each case
  • graphs and analytics that display appointment patterns
  • custom news-feeds that allow you to track news on every case and award involving the selected arbitrator
  • A “related arbitrators” feature that flags overlapping cases with other arbitrators

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Disclaimers: We create a case profile for any arbitrator who has been appointed in at least three known investor-state cases. Case names have been shortened to conserve space, but you can click on any case to view that case in a separate "Case Profile" page; the association of an individual with a particular case does not mean that he or she continues to be involved in the case now (personnel often change over the lifetime of cases) and readers are encouraged to do follow-up research to confirm the present-day involvement of a particular individual in a particular case; the profiles are updated on a rolling basis as new information comes to light; readers are welcome to email us at with any suggested additions or proposed corrections. Back to top