Search Tips

  • Searching for more than one word will only yield results that contain all of the searched terms. So, searching for ICSID ICC and SCC will only generate results that mention all three of those words.
  • To search for an exact phrase put the words in quotation marks (for e.g. “fundamental rule of procedure”)
  • To search for an exact name, put the words in quote marks. Please note, however that this method will only yield results that are spelled exactly the same. Occasionally, our reports may vary in terms of how a person’s name is spelled. (This is generally because an award or decision has described the person in this alternative manner, perhaps including a middle initial, and we’ve unwittingly copied that format.) Thus, searching for “Bernardo Cremades” will yield some results, but searching for the words Bernardo Cremades (without the use of quote marks) may also yield occasional articles where he is described as Bernardo M. Cremades.