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Investment Arbitration Reporter is a news and analysis service focusing on the international law that applies to foreign investment, particularly the international investment treaties and arbitration claims that arise in this context.

We offer detailed and nuanced coverage, with a particular focus on investigation of unreported cases and rapid review and analysis of legal documents and important policy developments.

Our contributors (profiled here) are subject-matter experts with advanced degrees and/or practice-experience in the investment law field, thus distinguishing our reports from more conventional media reporting.

About our rates

Subscription rates are available by request. Our rates are typically institution-wide, and are priced according to the size and nature of an organization.

If you are a student, academic, or employee in a large organization (law firm, government agency, etc.) please ask your librarian or resource manager to contact us for more information.

Individual (single-user) subscription rates are offered only to self-employed persons or genuinely solo practitioners.

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Subscriber benefits include:

  • Full access to our searchable database of news and analysis articles, featuring articles dating to 2008, and with approximately 600 new articles added each year.
  • Our “Looking Back” series, which digests and analyzes key arbitral awards that were rendered prior to 2008 (i.e., the date when IAReporter was launched). The launch of the “Looking Back” series has greatly enhanced the value of our archive, so that it spans across the full range of developments in the investment arbitration field.
  • Proprietary profiles of the 250 most popular arbitrators and their caseloads: an invaluable due diligence tool that reveals arbitrator appointments not recorded elsewhere, including current appointments in otherwise-confidential UNCITRAL, SCC, ICC cases.
  • Case Profiles that offer statistical data on more than 1,700 disputes between states and investors, as well as a custom news-feed for every case – allowing users to keep track of all news coverage related to a particular dispute.
  • Data filtering tools that allow users to research particular arbitrators, law firms, parties, funders, or treaties, as well as to perform relational research that zeroes in cases where particular arbitrators appeared together, or where a particular law firm appeared before a particular arbitrator or party.

With so much information out there, why subscribe to our service?

The short answer would be: because virtually everyone else does. But, the longer answer is that we engage in regular investigations and exhaustive review of source-materials – reading documents and decisions that more conventional news outlets merely skim over – so as to bring uncovered developments and a level of granular focus that is unique in the field. Want to know more? Read on.

  • Investigative Focus: We’re not content to write merely about what investors, governments, or law firms proactively disclose. Anyone can rewrite materials that appear each day on Google. Apart from covering the low-hanging fruit, we dig for legal and policy developments that are otherwise confidential and unreported. Whether it’s uncovering and revealing previously-unreported claims or rulings against SyriaSouth Africa, LibyaIndia, or Russia, or piecing together what’s going on at the European Commission, our perpetual digging yields unique and valuable insights for readers.
  • Editorial Independence: We work at arm’s length from the myriad practitioners in this field. This allows us to bring a unique perspective, with our descriptions and analysis not colored by business interests that might lead us to play up certain legal developments or downplay others.
  • Focus on the law: We are interested in how the global rules governing foreign investment are being shaped, interpreted and applied. That’s why our writing on arbitral rulings is based on reading the materials in full – and offering deep summary and analysis – rather than a superficial account based on press releases or ghostwritten summaries done by interested parties to a dispute.
  • A Trusted Journal of Record: Our subscribers include large numbers of elite academic institutions, numerous government agencies and intergovernmental organizations, as well as virtually every “top law firm” engaged in international arbitration. Our reports are cited in legal pleadings and briefs in this field, in the academic literature, and in a wide range of financial and mainstream media including The Financial Times, The Economist, The Wall Street Journal, Bloomberg and Reuters.