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Investment Arbitration Reporter (IAReporter®) is a news and analysis service focusing on the international law that applies to foreign investment, particularly the international investment treaties and arbitration claims that arise in this context (so-called Investor-State Dispute Settlement (ISDS)).

We offer detailed and nuanced coverage, with a particular focus on investigation of unreported ISDS cases, and rapid review and expert analysis of all investment arbitration decisions (as well as public international law and international commercial arbitration  decisions that have relevance to ISDS).

Our case law research tools offer practitioners and scholars a comprehensive view of how more than 2500 legal concepts have been treated in both public and non-public decisions – and allow researchers to see how concepts have been interpreted by a particular arbitrator, under a particular treaty, or in relation to a particular state.

Thanks to our ongoing investigative research, we also offer the most comprehensive and up-to-date data on investor-state claims, enabling subscribers to monitor particular cases or arbitrators, and to research developments in a chosen country, treaty-regime, or time-period.

Our contributors are subject-matter experts with advanced degrees and/or practice-experience in the investment law field, thus distinguishing our reports from mainstream media reporting or PR material.


Lisa M. Bohmer (Managing Editor) coordinates and oversees our day-to-day coverage. She holds a PhD in international arbitration law from the Sorbonne Law School in Paris. Her research focused on state functions and international arbitration. She also studied at the Ecole normale supérieure and Columbia Law School (New York). Before joining IAReporter in 2018, she was part of the arbitration team of an international law firm and taught international law at several universities. She can be reached at Lisa[at]iareporter.com.

Damien Charlotin (Data Editor and Senior Analyst) holds a PhD in law from the University of Cambridge; his thesis, based on data science methods, investigated legal argumentation and citations in international litigation and arbitration. Prior to this, he studied at Sciences Po Law School in Paris, La Sorbonne, and Columbia Law School. He is now based in Paris and teaches Legal Data Analysis at HEC and Sciences Po Law School. Damien also assists Geneva Professor of International Law Makane Mbengue on certain matters of legal practice, but does not work on his investor-state arbitrations. He can be reached at dc[at]iareporter.com.

Luke Eric Peterson (Publisher/Founder) launched IAReporter in 2008 and was the day-to-day editor until 2019. A native of New Brunswick, Canada, and now residing in Southern California, he worked prior to IAReporter as a journalist for mainstream and financial news outlets, and as a think-tank researcher focused on the intersection of global economic governance and sustainable development. In the 1990s, he took graduate degrees as a Rhodes Scholar at Oxford University and as a Commonwealth Scholar at University College London. He can be reached at Luke[at]iareporter.com.

Jarrod Hepburn (Senior Analyst) has been a regular contributor since 2009. Jarrod holds a doctorate in law from the University of Oxford and is qualified to practice law in Australian federal and state jurisdictions. In July of 2018, he joined the permanent academic staff of Melbourne Law School and is currently an Associate Professor. He is the author of the Oxford University Press title Domestic Law in International Investment Arbitration – a work based on his doctoral dissertation. He can be reached at jh[at]iareporter.com.

Girish Deepak (Researcher/Analyst) is a PhD candidate at the University of Vienna, where he focuses on the conflict between trade, investment, and intellectual property rights protections in investment and trade treaties. He holds a Master’s Degree in International Dispute Settlement (MIDS) and prior to joining IAReporter in 2021, he was part of the arbitration team of an international law firm.

Hristina Todorovic (Researcher/Analyst) studied law at the University of Nis, Serbia and took an LLM in International Dispute Settlement (MIDS) at the Graduate Institute and University of Geneva. Prior to her joining IAReporter she practised international arbitration for several years with an international law firm in Belgrade and Vienna.

Erik Brouwer (Researcher/Analyst) is a PhD candidate at the Université Catholique de Louvain in Belgium. He holds an LLM in public international law from the same university, and a master of law degree from the Università degli Studi di Milano. Qualified to practice law in Italy, he worked for several years in a multinational law firm’s arbitration practice group.

Daniel Nicholas Pakpahan (Researcher/Analyst) is a Research Associate at the Centre for International Law of the National University of Singapore. He graduated from the Advanced Studies in Public International Law LLM at Leiden University. Prior to this, he worked on private international law matters at an international organization in The Hague and a corporate law firm in Jakarta.

Our Editorial Policy

We are an editorially-independent news publisher. Our Editor and contributors do not have personal stakes in the investor-state lawsuits that we write about, and we don’t serve as advisors to parties involved in related litigation or arbitration.

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