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Investment Arbitration Reporter is a news and analysis service focusing on the international law that applies to foreign investment, particularly the international investment treaties and arbitration claims that arise in this context.

We offer detailed and nuanced coverage, with a particular focus on investigation of unreported cases and rapid review and analysis of legal documents and important policy developments.

We also offer the most comprehensive and up-to-date data on investor-state claims, enabling subscribers to monitor particular cases or arbitrators, and to research developments in a chosen country, treaty-regime, or time-period.

Our contributors are subject-matter experts with advanced degrees and/or practice-experience in the investment law field, thus distinguishing our reports from mainstream media reporting or PR material.


Lisa M. Bohmer (Managing Editor) coordinates and oversees our day-to-day editorial coverage. She holds a PhD in international arbitration law from the Sorbonne Law School in Paris. Her research focused on public law and international arbitration. She also holds an LLM in energy law from the University of Houston and is admitted to practice in Texas. Before she became an IAReporter contributor, she was part of the arbitration team of an international law firm. She can be reached at Lisa[at]iareporter.com

Jarrod Hepburn has been a regular contributor since 2009. Jarrod holds a doctorate in law from the University of Oxford and is qualified to practice law in Australian federal and state jurisdictions. In July of 2018, he joined the permanent academic staff of Melbourne Law School as a Senior Lecturer. He is the author of the Oxford University Press title Domestic Law in International Investment Arbitration – a work based on his doctoral dissertation. He can be reached at jh[at]iareporter.com.

Damien Charlotin is a PhD candidate in law at the University of Cambridge (UK); his thesis, part-law and part-data science, analyses how parties in international litigation and arbitration argue based on authorities, and tries to determine what makes an authority authoritative. Prior to this, he studied international law at Sciences Po Law School in Paris and Columbia Law School. He can be reached at dc[at]iareporter.com.

Vladislav Djanic is a PhD candidate at the University of Amsterdam, where he focuses on the history of arbitration involving states or state-entities. He has an LLM from the London School of Economics and undertook his law studies at the University of Novi Sad. He has had previous experience in advising in investment arbitration, but is no longer engaged in this capacity.

Javier Echeverri was, until recently, part of the arbitration team of an international law firm and advised several South American states and sovereign entities, particularly Bolivia and Colombia. (As such, he does not cover those countries’ cases for IAReporter.) Currently, he is a lecturer of international commercial arbitration at the Haute Ecole de Commerce de Paris. He undertook his law studies at the University of El Rosario in Bogota.

Luke Eric Peterson (Publisher/Founder) worked in the early 2000’s as a research consultant to various NGOs and IGOs on foreign investment governance issues. He also reported on investment disputes for the Financial Times, The Economist and other news publications. He launched IAReporter in 2008 and was the day-to-day editor until 2019. He continues to write occasional reports and works on investigations, but now focuses more of his energy on the business side of the publication. can be reached at Luke[at]iareporter.com.

Our Editorial Policy

We are an editorially-independent news publisher. Our Editor and contributors do not have personal stakes in the investor-state lawsuits that we write about, and we don’t serve as advisors to parties involved in related litigation or arbitration.

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“Luke Eric Peterson is the world’s leading journalist writing about investment law and policy. His Investment Arbitration Reporter service is an invaluable tool which I use to keep track of the latest developments and trends in the field of investment law and policy. I often recommend it to my academic colleagues, my students, and to practitioners.”
Christoph Schreuer, former Professor of International Law, University of Vienna; Author of The ICSID Convention: A Commentary (Cambridge University Press)

Investment Arbitration Reporter provides reliable and impressively timely information on investor-state arbitrations – including otherwise unpublicized non-ICSID cases. Thanks to the long experience and expertise of its editor, Luke Eric Peterson, the service offers not merely case summaries but also useful insights and analysis on recent developments in this rapidly growing and important field.”
Antonio Parra, former Deputy Secretary General, International Centre for Settlement of Investment Disputes (ICSID)

“It is increasingly difficult to stay on top of the latest developments in investor-state arbitration given the growing numbers of decisions and awards. Investment Arbitration Reporter is an essential tool for those in academia, government or private practice, since it provides excellent summaries of published and unpublished cases, as well as very useful and up to date information and analysis”.
Ignacio Suarez Anzorena, former Lead Counsel with Argentine Government’s investor-state arbitration claims division

Investment Arbitration Reporter’s work is unrivaled. Mr. Peterson’s reporting was especially useful for me when I was working to improve Japan’s investment treaty model. In several instances, decisions by the Government to pursue particular negotiating strategies were influenced by lessons learned from Mr. Peterson’s reporting and analysis.”
Miyake Yasujiro, Japanese Ministry of Economy, former Investment Treaty Negotiator

“Astute analysis and measured commentary on a complex and opaque area of international law.  Investment Arbitration Reporter is a valuable resource for understanding the public policy implications of international commercial disputes.”
Matthew Sanger, Senior Advisor, International Affairs Directorate, Health Canada, Canadian Government

“Luke Peterson doesn’t just cover arbitrations. He uncovers them.”
Michael Goldhaber, Senior International Correspondent, The American Lawyer magazine