New Features

Legal Research: The Topic Tool and ISDS Guidebook

  • Our Guidebook written by the IAReporter team gives a succinct overview of jurisprudence on key topics;
  • The Topic Tool indexs our entire database of reports on decisions, awards and orders;
  • Users can research more than 2500 legal and valuation topics and see all treatment of that topic in our reports;
  • Additional filters allow users to research a topic only in relation to a particular arbitrator, state, treaty, rules, etc.

Watch this short video for an overview of the Topic Tool and ISDS Guidebook:

Newly-enhanced Arbitrator Profiles

  • Insight into under-the-radar ISDS appointments not recorded elsewhere;
  • Ability to sort appointments by year, type and status;
  • Mapping of overlaps and relationships with other arbitrators;
  • Visual analytics; and
  • Custom news-feed so you can follow news about specific arbitrators.

Watch this short video for an overview of the Arbitrator Profiles:

Case Profiles

Our Case Profiles give a snapshot of key data for more than 2000 ISDS cases, including

  • Tribunal composition (incl. how each arbitrator was appointed);
  • Basic data (treaty, rules, status);
  • Counsel of record;
  • One-click access to key decisions and IAReporter summaries;
  • Custom news-feed of IAReporter reporting and analysis on each case.

Watch this short video for an overview of the Case Profiles:

Due diligence, conflict checking and advanced research

Powerful filter and search tools allow you to use the our dataset of 2000+ ISDS cases (many of them not reported elsewhere), in order to

  • Find cases involving specific parties, arbitrators or law firms;
  • Explore relationships between parties, arbitrators and law firms;
  • Investigate all known uses of a specific treaty or set of arbitral rules; and
  • Find and sort cases based on status (pending/concluded) or year of filing.

Watch a short video on advanced research techniques: