Nayla Comair Obeid is tapped to chair Egyptian BIT claim

An ICSID tribunal has been constituted to hear the claim brought by Tantalum International Ltd. and Emerge Gaming Ltd. against the Arab Republic of Egypt, under the Australia-Egypt BIT.

The tribunal was finalized on November 8 2018, with the appointment of Nayla Comair-Obeid by the co-arbitrators.

Gordon Smith was nominated by the claimants. Mr. Smith has also been nominated by Oleovest Ltd. to hear its claim against Indonesia.

Bernardo Cremades was nominated by Egypt.

As we reported, Tantalum is owned by Australian mining company Arrowhead Resources Ltd. The dispute with Egypt has been brewing for several years, and relates to the revocation of Tantalum’s mining licence.

The claimants are represented by Clifford Chance in London, Paris, Australia and Hong Kong.