IAReporter seeks new contributors/analysts

Investment Arbitration Reporter is looking for one or more persons to join our team of part-time freelance contributors.

IAReporter offers specialized reporting and analysis of developments in the field of international investment law, and when relevant it focuses on public international law and international commercial arbitration (primarily cases involving state entities).

We are seeking contributors who can review and write about legal and policy developments at a high level of technical accuracy, and in the existing style of IAReporter.

Any work for IAReporter would be on a remote consultant basis (i.e., contributors would work from wherever they are legal residents and authorized to work).

Ideally, contributors should have upwards of 20 hours per month to devote to IAReporter on a flexible basis. Talented contributors may be invited to work more intensively, and there is scope for long-term employment on a part-time or full-time basis.

Who Should Apply?

Desired qualities include:

  • Fluency in English and preferably at least one other language;
  • International work or study experience;
  • Advanced background in international law and arbitration, or a related field;
  • Demonstrated writing skills in English, preferably journalistic in nature;
  • Prior familiarity with IAReporter and its style of writing; and
  • Flexible work-life schedule as assignments arise at various times and we are often seeking contributors to cover them on short notice.

Who Should Not Apply?

For conflict-of-interest purposes, we ask our contributors to not practice in the field of investor-state arbitration while they work with us. Thus, if you aim to be working with a law firm or clerking for an arbitrator within the next 2-3 years, we politely discourage you from applying.

(If you are currently working with a firm or arbitrator, or you have some other type of full-time employment, please explain in your application letter whether and when you are leaving this employment. Otherwise, your application is unlikely to be successful.)

What Do We Pay?

For a 4-month probationary period, any successful applicant will be paid a rate of $50 (US) per hour for a handful of training assignments. Thereafter, contributors will be paid a rate of $70 (US) per hour for assignments undertaken during the remainder of their first year. (Further increases are anticipated.)

Trial Assignment

Interested candidates must complete a trial assignment: a summary of the Azpetrol v. Azerbaijan award in the style of IAReporter. Your draft should offer a concise account of the essential facts, a description of the key legal holdings and reasoning, as well as a small amount of analysis that contextualizes any of the holdings against the backdrop of other international jurisprudence.

The draft contribution should be less than 2000 words and take less than 8 hours to complete. Please do not ask a friend or colleague to review or edit your draft. We want to see your work only.

We also request a CV and a short cover letter (less than 500 words please).  The cover letter should clarify your plans and aspirations for the next several years, so that we can understand how your part-time work with IAReporter would fit into the larger picture. For instance, do you anticipate being a full-time student or academic, or are you more likely to be seeking other employment? Your application package should be submitted to tara@iareporter.com. We prefer all materials to be shared as MS Word files.

Deadline/Next Steps

The deadline for applications is 12 noon Eastern Standard Time on December 16, 2022.

We will contact you in early January 2023 if your application has been short-listed.


We are unable to honour requests for temporary access to IAReporter’s website in order that potential applicants can familiarize themselves with our work. Applicants should already have a high level of familiarity with IAReporter if their applications are to have any prospect of success. If you are presently enrolled in a first law degree (i.e. BA or LLB), we also discourage you from applying at this juncture. Past experience indicates that such candidates typically lack sufficient experience necessary to be successful contributors. As such, we have revised the wording of the “Who Should Apply?” section of this notice so as to clarify that advanced background in international law/arbitration is recommended.