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Your research has generated   results drawn from our previous reporting on decisions.


Welcome to our Topic Tool/Virtual Guidebook

This Topic Tool indexes thousands of our reports on legal decisions, assigning sections of our reports to specific topics and subtopics. The Topic Tree on the left-hand side of this page allows you to research for specific key topics. You can unfold portions of the tree using the “+” signs. Clicking on a box will generate a set of results for that specific topic.

Clicking on the headline of any result will expand the full text pertaining to that result. A series of filters are available at the top of this page to filter your topical research by arbitrators, treaties, rules, etc. You can also get a high-level narrative overview of certain jurisprudential topics via our Virtual ISDS Guidebook, a resource written entirely by the IAReporter team.


The tools make it vastly easier and faster to conduct topical research on our website, and also give you exposure to many decisions and awards that are otherwise not public. However, numerous editorial choices have gone into the development and operation of these tools. We strive when analysing jurisprudence to identify the most relevant conclusions and holdings of decisions, but our curation may leave out certain cases/discussions. Our editorial curation choices are not meant to be construed as a normative statement, nor as legal advice.

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